How to Run JSLint in Aptana Studio 330th of Mar 2011 - Samuli Hakoniemi

JSLint is an extremely useful tool for front-end developers among other code validation. However, getting JSLint to work properly isn’t always as easy as it supposed to be. I ran into problems when I upgraded to Eclipse-based Aptana Studio from major version 2 to beta version 3. In addition, it was very hard to find any proper solutions for my problem.

Differences Between Aptana 3.x and 2.x

The first thing to note is that Aptana Studio 3 doesn’t have similar plugin-based view than Aptana 2. After certain time of unsuccessful googling I figured out that proper keyword isn’t “aptana”, it’s “eclipse”.

In order to install new plugins (or software), you have to do it via Help » Install New Software.

Installing JSLint

Unlike in Aptana Studio 2, version 3 doesn’t have JSLint located as a validator in Aptana’s JavaScript preferences (if I’m running false configuration or doing something really wrong, please comment :)). However, Rockstarapps is offering tools which also includes JSLint.

The problem I had with Rockstarapps was that it doesn’t look very trustworthy (blank site etc). But with little googling I found a resource for installing software at:

After you’ve added Rockstarapps resource to work with, you’ll see a list of tools on a window below, including JSLint. Go ahead and install these.

Using JSLint

After installation I was happy to start using JSLint. I searched for numerous places in order to configure and / or to run JSLint. This was frustrating and I already stopped searching since I still wasn’t feeling too confident about Rockstarapps.

On one day, I accidentially noticed that when I right-clicked on JavaScript file, context menu included an option “Rockstarapps” with sub-option “Validate with JSLint”. That was it – JSLint was finally there, ready for use :).


I’m a kind of person that can be considered as an eternal beginner (or even stupid :p) when configuring applications and tools. But I know there are many others on a very similar position with me (according to my earlier experience and the amount of Stackoverflow + other rant encountered while googling). So I definitely hope this post really helps someone struggling with same problems than I did.

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4 thoughts on “How to Run JSLint in Aptana Studio 3

  1. Sean on said:

    i stumbled onto your post while trying to find how to configure jsLint in Aptana Studio 3. I did find that it is included in Aptana Studio 3. jsLint has moved to Window > Preferences > Aptana Studio > Validation > JavaScript > JSLint JavaScript Validator

  2. Samuli Hakoniemi on said:

    Yes, that would the place where I expected it to be. But I didn’t have JSLint under that at all. My situation with Aptana can be an exception, but I decided to write the article if someone else has the same situation :).

  3. Pedro Polonia on said:

    Hi. The rockstarapps site is down (I think the domain was sold) and Eclipse (Aptana Studio) gives exception. Any new url ?

  4. Samuli Hakoniemi on said:

    If you ask me today about using JSLint, I’ll suggest JSHint instead. Check: JSHint Integration for Eclipse for further details.