How to Install Clash of Clans on Jolla Smartphone29th of Nov 2013 - Samuli Hakoniemi

The first Jolla Smartphone was sold two days ago (27th of November) and there has been quite a buzz around it (at least here in Finland). I’m happy to be one of the owners of this great smartphone which made my previous phone (iPhone 4) completely obsolete.

Another significant product, also coming from Finland, is a game called “Clash of Clans”, created by Supercell. This game has rocked in the iOS App Store’s and Android Google Play’s “Top Grossing Apps” for a very long time.

Currently, the ecosystem around Jolla is quite small and the number of applications are quite limited. However, it’s possible to install and run Android applications on Jolla, which makes it a much more powerful platform than I originally expected.

This post is focusing on installing and running the Clash of Clans on Jolla Smartphone. Unfortunately Jolla doesn’t support screenshots yet. Therefore I’m unable to provide installation steps with screenshots :(.

Three Steps to Victory

We need to take three steps in order to get Clash of Clans up and running:

How Do I Install Aptoide?

  • Search for “download aptoide apk” with Jolla’s default browser,
  • Visit first link (“Aptoide Installer”) from search results and download the .apk,
  • Install APK on Jolla (see instructions below)
  • Now you should see Aptoide on your smartphone’s desktop

How Do I Install Clash of Clans?

  • Open Aptoide and search for “Clash of Clans”
  • It may take a while, but eventually you’ll see Clash of Clans (trusted). Don’t click for “Search more”!
  • Click “Install” on Aptoide Store. Notice that downloading will be interrupted if your phone goes to sleep.
  • After installation, click “Open” on Aptoide Store.

How Do I Install APK’s on Jolla?

To install downloaded applications in Jolla, you need to go: Settings » System Settings » Transfers. There you’ll see the downloads you’ve made. Click on the download to install.


If you have any problems with these instructions, feel free to comment below. After the comments are closes (in 30 days), you can reach for me from Twitter: @zvona.

By the way: Clash of Clans runs pretty smoothly on Jolla. Way to go, guys and girls both on Jolla and Supercell!

3 thoughts on “How to Install Clash of Clans on Jolla Smartphone

  1. Sami (aatami73) on said:

    Ei varmaankaan ole mitään konstia saada tiliä liitettyä olemassa olevaan? Kun valittaa googlen puutteesta…
    (en muualta löytänyt apuja, joten kysyin täällä) :)

  2. Samuli Hakoniemi on said:


    en tiedä suoraan sanoen. Nämä ohjeet on kirjoitettu ennen kuin Google Play:n asennusohjeet tulivat julki ( Voisi olla mahdollista, että Playn kautta saisi linkattua tiliin? Ei tosin ole mitään takeita, kannattaa kysellä esim. noiden ohjeiden postaajalta.

    In English:
    I’m not aware of possibility of using your Google Account with Clash of Clans. It could be possible by installing Google Play ( and then downloading CoC from there. But I don’t guarantee this will work either, it’s better to ask from people who have installed Google Play.

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