Back in Business11th of Nov 2017 - Samuli Hakoniemi

This blog is dead as you might have noticed.

However, I just started on Medium and published my first article about “Boosting your UX with Lottie for React Native”. You can find it from: Zvona on Medium

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An Analysis of Bank Phishing Scam in Finland28th of Jul 2014 - Samuli Hakoniemi

As we all know there are myriad of phishing e-mails sent every moment. Bank industry has always been one of the major targets, and for a reason.

Also Finnish banks have been scam targets for many times. Since Finnish language is quite hard, the quality of translated content in e-mails has been very poor… until very recent attempt which clearly differs from earlier ones.

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How to Implement Safari Push Notifications on Your Website26th of Dec 2013 - Samuli Hakoniemi

What if you could use APNs (Apple Push Notification Service) to send push notifications for your website users right on their desktop? Since OS X Mavericks it has been possible to dispatch push notifications from your web server directly to users.

In this article, I’ll provide step-by-step instructions of implementing Safari Push Notifications directly in your website.

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How to Install Clash of Clans on Jolla Smartphone29th of Nov 2013 - Samuli Hakoniemi

The first Jolla Smartphone was sold two days ago (27th of November) and there has been quite a buzz around it (at least here in Finland). I’m happy to be one of the owners of this great smartphone which made my previous phone (iPhone 4) completely obsolete.

Another significant product, also coming from Finland, is a game called “Clash of Clans”, created by Supercell. This game has rocked in the iOS App Store’s and Android Google Play’s “Top Grossing Apps” for a very long time.

Currently, the ecosystem around Jolla is quite small and the number of applications are quite limited. However, it’s possible to install and run Android applications on Jolla, which makes it a much more powerful platform than I originally expected.

This post is focusing on installing and running the Clash of Clans on Jolla Smartphone. Unfortunately Jolla doesn’t support screenshots yet. Therefore I’m unable to provide installation steps with screenshots :(.

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Meet Shadow DOM – a New Kid in Town22nd of Jan 2013 - Samuli Hakoniemi

Ever heard of Shadow DOM? If you haven’t then this article is definitely for you (and if you already have, you should still read this ;)).

Despite of the “scary” name it has there’s nothing to be afraid of. Shadow DOM is a friendly little fellow who’s here to make life of web application developers easier.

In this article, I’ll present thoroughly the capabilities of Shadow DOM and how one can easily create independent widgets by encapsulating their code with it.

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Peek into CSS48th of May 2012 - Samuli Hakoniemi

We all know that CSS3 has emerged in past couple of years a lot, and everyone is talking about it. There are many new features and properties that are well implemented in modern browsers.

But lately there has been some buzz going around CSS4. CSS Working Group has published a first working draft over half a year ago with many new proposals. CSS4 isn’t going to replace CSS3, but the work on specifications will go on parallel with CSS3 Modules.

In this article I’ll go through some of the most interesting proposals for CSS4. There are many new concepts, including such as parent selector, UI states pseudo-classes, Logical Combinations and Namespaces.

This article is based on my presentation: “CSS3 – The Present and The Future” which contains a section Peek into CSS4.

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iOS 5 and New Features for Web Developers13th of Oct 2011 - Samuli Hakoniemi

The final version of iOS 5 has been finally released and there’s lots of buzz going around it’s new features. Most of the discussion focuses on the operating system itself which is totally understandable. There are lots of improvements and nifty little features to play with.

But one thing that seems not to get such attention is what iOS 5 brings to us, web developers, and how it improves the experience with web applications.

In this article I’ll go through most of the major features that are included in iOS 5 for web developer point-of-view.

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Having Fun With CSS Keyframes25th of May 2011 - Samuli Hakoniemi

More than two years ago CSS Animations were represented in WebKit. Up until now, they’ve been supported only in Safari and Chrome.

In this article we will go through what it takes to create keyframe animations. I’ll create a simple demonstration of an icon character which comes alive with a little help of animation.

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How to Target CSS Only for Opera5th of Apr 2011 - Samuli Hakoniemi

Sometimes there is need to write browser-specific CSS declarations. Although every developer should put their best effort on creating structure and layout that doesn’t require any proprietary hacks, one may encounter situations where it’s impossible to proceed by the book.

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How to Run JSLint in Aptana Studio 330th of Mar 2011 - Samuli Hakoniemi

JSLint is an extremely useful tool for front-end developers among other code validation. However, getting JSLint to work properly isn’t always as easy as it supposed to be. I ran into problems when I upgraded to Eclipse-based Aptana Studio from major version 2 to beta version 3. In addition, it was very hard to find any proper solutions for my problem.

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