Webdev Weekly #1627th of Apr 2010 - Samuli Hakoniemi

Webdev Weekly #16
This article contains the top picks from week #16. The main weight is heavily on CSS, including my latest article called “CSS3 Transitions – Are We There Yet?”

General Web Development and Web Design

30 Eye Catchy Cartoon Fonts | Queness

A collection of nice and free cartoon style fonts.


CSS3 Transitions – Are We There Yet? | samuli.hakoniemi.net

My latest article about the current status of CSS3 Transitions

All There Is To Know About HTML5 and CSS3 | Design Your Way

Just like the title says.

Quick Tip: Ever Thought About Using @Font-face for Icons? | NetTuts+

Quite nice trick for implementing icons to your website.

The CSS 3 Flexible Box Model | hacks.mozilla.org

Information about CSS3 Fflexible box model on Mozilla Firefox.

Hack for Webkit: Filter for Chrome and Safari

CSS hack to filter rules only for WebKit browsers.

Javascript, jQuery and Other JS Frameworks

8 jQuery Micro Optimization Tips | codeNothing?

Nice (micro-level) optimization tips for jQuery developers.

Hacking and Security

Cross Context Scripting with Firefox (PDF) | security-assessment.com

White Paper about a rather new technique called Cross Content Scripting (XCS) in Firefox.

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