Webdev Weekly #112th of Jan 2010 - Samuli Hakoniemi

Past week seemed a bit silent, but here are the top resources I located:

General Web Development

Website Performance: What To Know and What You Can Do

Detailed information, tips and tools for website performance optimization.


CSS background transparency without affecting child elements, through RGBa and filters

An excellent article from Robert Nyman about using RGBa values for gaining transparency.

CSS3 + Progressive Enhancement = Smart Design

Another good introduction for harnessing the power of CSS3 without causing any troubles with older user agents.

Javascript and Scripting Frameworks

The 14 Days of jQuery

This actually launches near 14th of January, but was already published last week. An excellent “event” to follow after jQuery 1.4 gets released.

Understanding delete

A very nice article, where Javascript’s delete method explained thoroughly. Obviously I haven’t been only one banging my head against wall with delete()… :D

User Experience and Usability

52 Weeks of UX

A very nice and continuous resource for User Experience lovers. It haven’t started yet with full power, but at least my personal expectations are high.

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