Webdev Weekly #16
This article contains the top picks from week #16. The main weight is heavily on CSS, including my latest article called “CSS3 Transitions – Are We There Yet?”

General Web Development and Web Design

30 Eye Catchy Cartoon Fonts | Queness

A collection of nice and free cartoon style fonts.


CSS3 Transitions – Are We There Yet? | samuli.hakoniemi.net

My latest article about the current status of CSS3 Transitions

All There Is To Know About HTML5 and CSS3 | Design Your Way

Just like the title says.

Quick Tip: Ever Thought About Using @Font-face for Icons? | NetTuts+

Quite nice trick for implementing icons to your website.

The CSS 3 Flexible Box Model | hacks.mozilla.org

Information about CSS3 Fflexible box model on Mozilla Firefox.

Hack for Webkit: Filter for Chrome and Safari

CSS hack to filter rules only for WebKit browsers.

Javascript, jQuery and Other JS Frameworks

8 jQuery Micro Optimization Tips | codeNothing?

Nice (micro-level) optimization tips for jQuery developers.

Hacking and Security

Cross Context Scripting with Firefox (PDF) | security-assessment.com

White Paper about a rather new technique called Cross Content Scripting (XCS) in Firefox.

Webdev Weekly #15
Webdev Weekly has been on a break for few weeks. From now on, I’m going to post the best links related to web development and design much more often (aka weekly). This week’s article includes only few, but very good links to strong articles and websites.

General Web Development

Going Lean with Website Production

A good article about Lean Development with production websites.


7 Useful CSS3 Code Generators

This article focuses on seven (probably best known) CSS3 code generators.

IE Print Protector

“IE Print Protector is a piece of javascript that allows you to print HTML5 pages in Internet Explorer. “

Javascript, jQuery and Other


How to store data locally with JavaScript, the cross-browser way!

Compose: functions as building blocks

“JavaScript treats functions as first class objects, that is they can be created and modified dynamically and passed as data to other functions and objects. Shamelessly continuing this theme, allow me to introduce functional composition…”

Server-Side Development and Frameworks

8 useful code snippets to get started with WordPress 3.0

This post gathers the most useful resources to get you started with WordPress 3.0.

Advanced Regular Expression Tips and Techniques

Some advanced tips for working with regular expressions by Burak Guzel

Top 10 Useful .htaccess rewrites, Mod_Rewrite Tricks and Tips

Like the title says: 10 very useful tips in brief format for all .htaccess freaks.

Security and Hacking

x5s – automated XSS security testing assistant

“x5s is a Fiddler addon which aims to assist penetration testers in finding cross-site scripting vulnerabilities. It’s main goal is to help you identify the hotspots where XSS might occur…”

There was at least one major event last week related to web development, when the latest version of jQuery was released. This article covers the highlights and most important resources about jQuery 1.4, but in addition includes many other quality resources for web developers.

jQuery 1.4

jQuery 1.4 Released

A general release announcement of jQuery 1.4, provided by the official jQuery 1.4 author, The 14 Days of jQuery.

jQuery 1.4 Fully Released

My quick post about jQuery 1.4 almost right after it was released.

jQuery 1.4 Released: The 15 New Features you Must Know

Good insight in new features of jQuery 1.4, provided by NetTuts+.

jQuery 1.4 Resources For Developers

Collection of resources about jQuery 1.4, provided by W3 Avenue.

jQuery 1.4 Released: Sneak Peek on New Features and Enhancements

And another, useful article about jQuery 1.4, provided by tripwire magazine.

General Web Development

45 Powerful CSS/JavaScript-Techniques

A very useful collection of various CSS and Javascript resources, provided by Smashing Magazine.

33 Beautiful Social Media Icon Sets For Designers And Bloggers

A good collection of icons. Far better than usual, in my opinion.


CSS Transitions 101

Nice and comprehensive article about CSS3 Transitions.

Javascript and Scripting Frameworks

jQuery Lint

jQuery Lint is a script written by James Padolsey, which evaluates jQuery code and reports any errors or incorrect usage.

IE CSS3 pseudo selectors

ie-css3.js allows Internet Explorer to identify CSS3 pseudo selectors and render any style rules defined with them. This project is still in progress, but it looks very promising.

Gordon: Flash Runtime Implemented in Javascript

Tobias Schneider has built a Flash runtime that works right in the browser. It’s implemented in pure Javascript and HTML5. Very nice work, indeed!

Past week seemed a bit silent, but here are the top resources I located:

General Web Development

Website Performance: What To Know and What You Can Do

Detailed information, tips and tools for website performance optimization.


CSS background transparency without affecting child elements, through RGBa and filters

An excellent article from Robert Nyman about using RGBa values for gaining transparency.

CSS3 + Progressive Enhancement = Smart Design

Another good introduction for harnessing the power of CSS3 without causing any troubles with older user agents.

Javascript and Scripting Frameworks

The 14 Days of jQuery

This actually launches near 14th of January, but was already published last week. An excellent “event” to follow after jQuery 1.4 gets released.

Understanding delete

A very nice article, where Javascript’s delete method explained thoroughly. Obviously I haven’t been only one banging my head against wall with delete()… :D

User Experience and Usability

52 Weeks of UX

A very nice and continuous resource for User Experience lovers. It haven’t started yet with full power, but at least my personal expectations are high.

It’s time to bring back Webdev Weekly and gather some of the best resources from past week. Enjoy!

HTML, CSS and Javascript

Using HTML Symbol Entities

Very handy article about using symbol entities in web design. Excellent ideas provided.

A Form of Madness – Dive Into HTML5

HTML5 defines over a dozen new input types that you can use in your forms. This is a great tutorial about applying these input types.


Onload Issues with Opera

I wrote a brief article about loading and caching issues which occurs in Opera.

IE Accelerator Creation Guide

An article explaining how to create Accelerators step-by-step.

CMS’s and server-side frameworks

13 Useful Code Snippets for WordPress Development

An article with 13 code snippets or hacks that will help you extend the capabilities of your WordPress site.

User Experience and Usability

Five Simple but Essential Web Usability Tips

This article discusses five important usability tips that your site can’t live without.