How about arranging an event for Finnish Frontend Web Developers?7th of Jun 2010 - Samuli Hakoniemi

This post is targeted for Finnish audience, although it’s written in English. Last year during Full Frontal Javascript Conference at November I got an idea of arranging some kind of event for (frontend) web developers in Finland. The sad truth is that we don’t have such events at all. There’s at least medium amount of very talented web developers living in Finland. However, we get together very occasionally, mostly in events that aren’t related to web development at all. Therefore I have a strong opinion we should form a more concrete community which I’m already named as “Frontend Finland” :) The idea of arranging such event got buried. But couple weeks ago, a colleague of mine (at Futurice) mentioned he had the very similar idea about arranging a JavaScript event in Helsinki, Finland. So we made a quick review about potential topics to be discussed. Actually I had already made a short list with an ex-colleague from Fruugo. The event itself, as a first event ever, would be very modest and unofficial. And the “official” part wouldn’t last longer than two to three hours, containing no more than four presentations about different topics. The event would be:
  • free (or very minimal charge for covering running costs),
  • arranged on late September or early October,
  • located in Helsinki,
  • gathering around 40 to 80 enthusiastic web developers,
  • contain short sessions (15-30 minutes) of presentations,
  • social event to emphasize we’re not alone :)
The event is in very early planning stage and I’m about to contact potential developers, asking them whether they would like to contribute with their know-how, sharing their experiences. The big question is: what kind of topics you would like to hear about? The preparatory topics we discussed of were: current state and general knowledge about DOM scripting, overview to some JavaScript framework (most likely jQuery), using JavaScript for building rich web applications or CMS’s, using JavaScript in mobile web development and “bubbling under” trends like WebGL or server-side JavaScript. In addition, if everything goes well and we get such event arranged at all, there’s definitely place for another similar kind of event about frontend web development in general. That event would cover topics about HTML5, CSS3 and the status of latest modern browsers (such as IE9 or Firefox 4). This event would take place somewhere in Spring 2011. And if you’re able to contribute in any way, please contact me via e-mail.

5 thoughts on “How about arranging an event for Finnish Frontend Web Developers?

  1. I think this is a good idea and I would like to see it happen and be able to participate.

    “most likely jQuery”

    How about something that a lot of people seem to ignore nowadays – eg. what else is out there other than jQuery, and why you might actually wanna use those instead? =)

  2. Jyrki Laurila on said:

    I totally second what Jani said.

    A conference for frontend developers in Finland would be more than welcome.

  3. I’m in and I’m guessing that getting an audience of ~100 shouldn’t be a problem at all.

  4. Mikko Tapionlinna on said:

    Sounds like a great idea. I’m definitely interested.

  5. Samuli Hakoniemi on said:

    We just had a meeting with couple of enthusiastic fellows. The resolution was that such event will be arranged in September at Helsinki. The main theme will be Javascript + getting socially together with other frontend developers.

    We created a Facebook group for gathering up people who are interested in participating: Facebook | Frontend Finland.

    Go ahead and join!